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Densho: Sushi & Sake Event

Panama Hotel Film Project

TechFest 2015

USC Film: "Perfect World", and more...Please contact me for any NPO support including video production.

EN Pacific Service Inc. Film/Production project (coordinator/producer) of year 2016-2017

CSR:  Video production support of 2015-2016

毎年弊社収益の 1% と時間をNPOに寄付させていただいています。

Site Owner: Kayoko Fujita:


Kayoko (Yoshimaru) Fujita, CEO of EN Pacific Service,  which is managing real estate buildings in Japan and cultivating relationship ties between Japan and the world. Through culture, language, event with other organizations, the EN Pacific Service creates global opportunities to coordinate a relationships overseas trade from Japan/Asia. Fujita has organized several fundraising events for earthquake victims in the world with her former co-worker of Fujitsu Communications Service, Microsoft and Corbis corporation.  

Gold Sponsors for film screening event:

EN Pacific Service is proud to be partnering with the filmmaker, Shochiku Co., Ltd to promote the film "Tsukiji Wonderland," SIFF2016.  Largest Wholesale Seafood Market 

EN Pacific Service is proud to be partnering with the filmmaker, Director Sho Igarashi to promote the film "The Cross" 

EN Pacific Service is proud to be partnering with the filmmaker/director Naoki Kato to promote the film "2045 Carnival Folklore" SIFF2015.

EN Pacific Service Inc. internet Video Production company

EN Pacific Service Inc. is an internet video production team which creates corporate and marketing videos, and acts as an agent for photo and cinematography projects in the U.S.  We are very proud of having been able to join the "Asia's Got Talent" production called at Pinewood studio in Malaysia and “Das Supertalent ” in Germany.  EN Pacific Service Inc. is involved in making youtube video production. 

Event photo, Wedding photo, video and more...need your photographer? cinematographer? Meet at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle?


EN Pacific Service Inc. Event 2015-2017

Next Event would be....Kotei Sennin Workshop in Los Angels

EN Pacific Service Inc. VIDEO/Archive production  2015 - 2017